Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A quick update!

Well this is the latest update for my sampler. I have had so many problems lately and been busy with my studies and also Christmas and all the bustle that goes into the preparation for just those few days! Phew!
I have also had my latest results for my degree studies and have pased both SXR103 and SK195. That takes my level 1 credit total to 100, with 2 more courses ending at the end of January. My level 2 course starting also at the end of January. Biology : Uniformity and Diversity.

Another finished project that I want to share with you all, although if I already posted this then oops! lol.

Friday, 30 October 2009

The last update for October I guess

This is my progress so far, which considering the workload of study isn't too bad! lol
The sampler will definately not be completed in time for the anniversary on the 9th of Nov...
Still I'm not too worried as they really will not care! lol
I am also still studying but also I'm card-making too as it will soon be christmas! Luckily this year I have opted for decoupage again, it is not so time consuming as stitched cards but really quite as charming.
So anyway I will sign off now then and get back to my stitching! Later peeps!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The latest update!

Well this is my progress on the sampler as of yesterday (friday) evening. I'm really starting to make real progress now that I got into the swing of the design, lots has been happening and I found myself rather unmotivated with the project. It would seem though that my stitching bug has now actually returned at last!
I am actually finding myself wanting to get this update done so that I can actually turn of the PC and stitch. Which is a first really for a long time now. :D

I thought that while I was here I would actually use the updates to show off some of my completed projects as well. This Subaru Imprezza was for my son Kris who is car crazy to say the least!! lol
I find that I really enjoyed stitching this as it is very different to what I tend to stitch :)
On that note I shall leave you all for now and get back to my stitching! Til next time xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

A month gone already???

Wow so I promised weekly updates and now before I know it a month has passed.... Time as they say waits for no man! Or in my case woman... lol

So anyhow this is how the sampler is shaping up now, needs to be finished in less than a month, YIKES!!! And I still have uni work to do as well. But that said, I do spend inordinate amounts of time on Facebook or playing online games! lol

My idea is simple. Set myself a target each week for my craft and post here if I made it or not??

So by next friday I hope to have completed all of the lettering and a good amount on the black inner border..... And hopefully made a few cards as well, christmas is not too far away now....

Life is still wicked crazy right now, and I'm hoping that I can try to settle into a bit of a routine, mornings devoted to study and evenings to stitching, that will leave me the afternoon free for whatever I choose to do...

OK then folks..... until next week!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Just another quick update on my two main projects that I have been working on this last couple of weeks!
This is the progress so far on the Buffy project, I worked on this for a weekend SAL while my mum was staying at my house for the weekend, and as the sampler is for my parents then that would have kinda defeated the point! lol..

This is my progress on the sampler up until the 20th of August, when my mum went home i was really busy with uni stuff so didn't touch it again but hopefully this weekend..... lol

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sampler Update!

Well this is my progress at the 9th of August! The names are done now and one of the roses and a bit of the branch too, it seems to take ages but then I'm usually having to stop to do other stuff as well lol.
As you can see it is a Rennie MacIntosh inspired design and as I love the Art Nouveau period I'm loving stitching it! Just hope that my parents love it half as much! :D
There was also some good news on the everyday life front as I passed S104 that I mentioned in my last post!! So I'm a happier and slightly more productive bunny right now! Hehe.
Anyhow that is all for today as I wanna get back to the stitching!

Monday, 3 August 2009


Well people its been a real hectic few months! The pic on the right is the card that I stitched after the London trip, the recipient is between myself and them! I'm really happy with the way that it turned out :)
Well life has been really hectic for me the last couple of months! I have now completed the science course S104, and am eagerly awaiting the result for that. I have also completed the Residential school part of SXR103 and just have to submit the end-of-course assignment now. I am also nearing the end of SK195 Human Genetics and Health Issues with the ECA being due in October. I have decided that in the autumn I will take short break from studies before beginning S204 Biology in January, it is not only a 60 point course but a LEVEL 2 course so I assume will take up a lot of my time.
This picture is the piece that I am doing for the August SAL with Facebook, I'll be posting my progress on here weekly. It is a Rennie MacIntosh inspired coral wedding anniversary sampler for my parents!
Thats all for today, the brats are fighting again and I need to go and play referree!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

I've really been slacking

Hey guys/gals!

I know that I've been slacking with my blog updates but unfortunately life has been really very hectic for me the last couple of months.... now that the 60 point course and the maths are over I can now start to get back to something resembling normality!

Anyway this is my progress so far with a cute teddy for an exchange which should have been posted weeks ago..... unfortunate but the study has to come first :S

I'm enjoying stitching this though and its really cute.

I have actually if I'm honest got a bit further but I'm just too lazy to get the camera out at this moment! hehehe. For those of you that actually know me that will not be too much of a surprise!

This lovely lady is a piece I did as part of a Round Robin, the same rr that I did the Celtic Knot for actually, we have all had our problems! lol!

I really enjoyed stitching her and am really pleased with the way that she turned out!

I've just completed a card as well just gotta add the finishing touches to it and then I'll be putting it on here too.

I'm going to leave you for today now as I have got to get started on my new course Human Genetics and Health Issues, and also get out my needles later on and get some stitching done!