Thursday, 15 May 2008

Well guys!! Here is my latest update on the Buffy project!! It seems that I haven't done that much and I guess that really I haven't, but I have not been very well, and then there was the whole going to a convention thing as well. Then I had to unpick a very large chunk as I had gone completely wrong!! GGGGRRRRR!!!

But time and perseverence have got me not just back to where I was BEFORE unpicking but also way past it as well. I'm also finding now that with the weather nicer and the nights longer that I can manage more stitching in the one day than before! Working with darker colours in poor light can really put a starin on the eyes. So I intend to make the most of this longer natural light to stitch more. But the flipside to that is that when the weather is nice I don't actually want to be stuck indoors stitching!! My solution? I stitch in the garden. I make sure that my chart is on a clipboard to stop it flying off and that my cottons are always on bobbins for that same reason and I just enjoy the sunshine!!

Anyway I think that I have wittered on enough for the one day!! Another update will be coming very soon.