Sunday, 17 May 2009

I've really been slacking

Hey guys/gals!

I know that I've been slacking with my blog updates but unfortunately life has been really very hectic for me the last couple of months.... now that the 60 point course and the maths are over I can now start to get back to something resembling normality!

Anyway this is my progress so far with a cute teddy for an exchange which should have been posted weeks ago..... unfortunate but the study has to come first :S

I'm enjoying stitching this though and its really cute.

I have actually if I'm honest got a bit further but I'm just too lazy to get the camera out at this moment! hehehe. For those of you that actually know me that will not be too much of a surprise!

This lovely lady is a piece I did as part of a Round Robin, the same rr that I did the Celtic Knot for actually, we have all had our problems! lol!

I really enjoyed stitching her and am really pleased with the way that she turned out!

I've just completed a card as well just gotta add the finishing touches to it and then I'll be putting it on here too.

I'm going to leave you for today now as I have got to get started on my new course Human Genetics and Health Issues, and also get out my needles later on and get some stitching done!