Saturday, 19 April 2008

First update.....

Well this is as far as I had got with my Buffy as of last weekend. I haven't been at home since Monday (It's now Saturday evening and I just got home!!) but believe it or not there are 13 colours in that little patch there!!

My progress has been slow but steady but I i didn't take this with me while away as it isn't the most portable of projects owing to the frame and the fact that I'm trying out the "Stitch and Park" method....

Now that I'm home again though I'm raring to get going with it again. I have had many admirers for it already as I have posted this on a forum (Whedon's World) and they are all putting in orders for one!! LOL.... I doubt that I will ever stitch this one again!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Here goes.....

Well I have finally gotten around to starting my long awaiting project...... The Buffy cross stitch picture!!

This is the picture that came with the chart and it is going to be one heck of a project!!

I'm going to enjoy the challenge that this project is going to pose but then with everything that goes on in my life a challenge may just be what I need right now!!


This project was started last weekend and I am making really good progress with it..... pictures to follow in another entry.

I'm very new to the whole blogging concept and I'm sure that I will make mistakes along the way but it will be nice to have somewhere to set down my thoughts and stuff!!