Thursday, 11 March 2010

Just a quick note...

Just thought that I would post my latest 2 cards!

This first one was made for my close friend Sarah. She adores anything butterfly related so decided this was the best option for her, simple decoupage, with the sheet having printed the stages so very quick to do simply following the stages on the sheet. I very rarely do this type of decoupage these days as I prefer to print pictures a few times and actually decide for my self which parts need to be raised! But that is me for you, I have to be the one in control! lol... Typical for a Leo though. I haven't got pics on the laptop of my cross stitching progress. So hopefully tomorrow I can sort the update on my stitching! That is if I actually remember of course...
This is a card which I did for Karen, my roomie in London, as it was her birthday a few days after the event, and she was meeting James for the first time ever I felt a James card was in order! And being a proud Brit I chose the picture from his role in Torchwood as Capt. John Hart.

Thats all for today folks!

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